K-12 Service Details

I. Professional Development

General professional development offered to maximize student achievement
  1. Classroom Management
  2. Instructional Strategies
  3. Change process
  4. TEAM work
  5. Differentiated Instruction
  6. Special Education
      a. Teaching To Include
      b. Break It Down (SPED For Dummies)
  7. Three Tier Process

II. Educational Leadership

Multiple day support offered to maximize student achievement
  1. Principal mentorship - tailor-made assistance given to instructional leader
  2. New Leader Transitions Plan -service is designed to shorten learning curves in the age of immediate accountability
  3. Instructional Supervision and Support - coaching in instructional support

III. Teacher

Multiple day support offered to maximize student achievement
  1. The Master Coach (ongoing instructional support)
  2. The Beginners Coach (for new teachers)

IV. Guidance and Counseling

Tailor made small group sessions for alternative students and "borderline" students focused on connecting their time in school to their dreams and aspirations (help to motivate internally)

V. Special Education

Multiple day support offered to maximize the potential and achievement of children with special needs as well as meet federal guidelines
  1. Full comprehensive review of SPED program (include visits to classrooms and observations of inclusion process)recommendations and technical assistants follow-up for implementation
  2. Administrative assistance (for principals and central office staff)
  3. Three Tier Implementation

VI. Motivational Speaking

We motivate students by connecting their dreams and wishes to the education thusly internally motivating them to do their best in school. Parents are encouraged to embrace school system as strongest hope for their child to reach their potential (all sessions wrapped with skits, song and rap)
  1. Yes You Can
      ♦ Shoot for the Stars
      ♦ Stay in School
  2. Parent / Community
      ♦ TEAM - together everyone achieves more
      ♦ Get Involved
      ♦ Empowerment Sessions
      ♦ Community Rally
  3. Teacher
      ♦ TEAM Work Makes The Dream Work
      ♦ Yes We Can

VII. School Board

  1. Retreat Facilitation
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Administrative searches